John Steinbeck once said, “People don’t take trips, trips take people.” We’ve all had those moments – poignant, emotional, or even magical where we’ve stopped in our tracks to marvel at the theater of life, nature, history, culture and beauty right before us. For us, travel is about the memories and connecting to the places one visits while gaining a deeper understanding that becomes one’s most valuable souvenir.

Northwest Wine, Rail & Tours

At InquisiTours, we've spent our careers traveling the worlds premier destinations knowing that when we returned home we find ourselves still among one of the planets finest spots; the Pacific Northwest. The list of superlatives is only as long as the list of unique places and activities you will enjoy while completing your Northwest experience.

Our inclusive packages, multi-night group tour and escorted tours depart from Seattle, Portland, or Boise, making it a perfect addition to an Alaska cruise (pre-cruise or post-cruise) or a west-coast trip. Whether traveling on a rail tour, luxury van, air, or a combination of each, the vibrant cities, charming small towns, rugged Cascade Mountains, volcanoes and the mighty Columbia river reveal the pleasures of the Northwest lifestyle.

Nature lovers, history buffs, artists, and culinary connoisseurs will appreciate the region as much as we do. It is friendly, it is cultured, it is diverse, and it always comes with a good glass of wine! 

Columbia with Hood Mountain

Consider this your personal invitation to let us host your next great adventure of 6 or more people. Whether you are traveling with friends and family, as part of an employee incentive trip, a corporate retreat, or a ladies getaway, we can assist in itinerary planning, step-on-guiding, and as a receptive tour operator. We hope you will join us in our mission to explore this Pacific Wonderland with us!

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