We share an excitement for travel, adventure, exploring new places and making an impact with the people we meet along the way. Our shared interest for travel brought us together and our curiosity and desire to connect with people, places, and the experiences travel creates makes us happy!

Meet Your Leisure Advocates: Guy and Robin

We are Robin and Guy; leisure advocates and founders of InquisiTours. Since meeting over 20 years ago, while leading tours in the Canadian Rockies, we have been working together, managing groups and leading tours all over the world. We encourage you to read our stories & review pagefor testimonials and professional opinions.

We have a far-reaching desire to connect with people and our planet. Knowing this connection can be achieved a thousand ways, our first step is with the neighbor, the winemaker, or the farmer that welcomes you into their community. The places we see will dazzle and humble you, but the people we meet will leave you smiling and eager to re-tell the story.

Guy Glaeser

Guy Glaeser is a professional traveler.  He has worked in the Tour and Cruise industry for over 20 years creating, operating and promoting tours around the world.  After exploring many of the world’s great destinations, he found himself living in one.  He is excited to showcase his hometown of Walla Walla and the Pacific Northwest.

Robin Glaeser

Robin Glaeser spent many years in hospitality and tourism, and Global IT Consulting managing teams throughout North America, Europe and Asia. With InquisiTours, her operational skills are matched with her passion for travel and her desire to create stronger connections with the people and places that come into her life.