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The InquisiTours Blog

Types of Apples

March, 2020

Coronavirus and Travel

We’ve received calls from guests about the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on their travel plans. We rely on a number of news sources, as well as authoritative institutes of WHO, the CDC, and travel advisories. As news is unfolding every day, we are monitoring and taking appropriate action.

Types of Apples

Sept, 2019

Let the Farmer Be Your Guide

Apples are a large part of the heritage and economy of Washington state, and a bit of an unsung hero.

Get To Know Walla Walla's Wine Scene

May, 2019

Get To Know Walla Walla's Wine Scene

“If we were in France, we would be halfway between Burgundy and Bordeaux. We’re not. We are in a small town four hours from Boise, Idaho; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington.” – Guy Glaeser, Co-Founder of InquisiTours

Comparing Pacific Northwest Wine Regions

June, 2018

Comparing Northwest Wine Regions

We wanted to see what happened when we took two cities in the Pacific Northwest connected by Alaska Airlines flights and pursued a common theme across both. Could we comfortably pull off a wine tasting, trail running weekend?

The Complete Northwest Experience

July, 2018

The Complete Northwest Experience

The untamed beauty and diverse appeal of Washington State and the greater Pacific Northwest are often overlooked. Visitors flock instead to explore better-known hubs like Seattle, a city that has long been an exciting draw with its must-sees like Pike Place Market, one of the oldest farmers markets in the US, the Space Needle and of course the coffee shop and music scene.

Comparing Pacific Northwest Wine Regions

July, 2018

Perfect Experience for Your Cruise

Seattle is a popular Cruise Destination - many people come here to meet their ship. However, what are you doing before or after your cruise? InquisiTours offers the perfect experience to compliment your cruise.

Wine and Innovation in Washington

August, 2019

Innovation, Wine, Washington

Innovation in Washington State has taken on many forms, from airplanes to apples. It normally starts in the brain and finds its way to the fingertips. And sometimes a bottle.

Visiting Leavenworth

September, 2018

Lovely Leavenworth

Leavenworth is a little mountain hamlet in the heart of the Northern Cascades of Washington with a long history of perseverance and reinvention. Now-a-days it’s an unexpected fun-filled Bavarian-themed wonderland, but it didn’t start out that way.

Touring Washington's Wine Areas

January, 2019

Touring Washington's AVAs and Wineries

First of all, what’s an AVA? Washington currently has 14 AVAs. We’ll travel through five of them and brush up against four more

Visiting Washington State

March, 2018

Visit Washington like a Local

Pike Place Market, the Seattle Space Needle, and Chihuly Gardens: It seems like all of the fun things to in Washington State are all located in Seattle, but that couldn’t be further than the truth!

Visiting Walla Walla

April, 2018

Interesting things about Walla Walla

In addition to our mainstream answers such as the sunshine, wine, arts, history, education, nature, culinary delights, rolling hills, expansive landscapes and abundance of agriculture, we thought we'd outline a few special tidbits that are lesser known and really enhance the overall experience of this lovely town.

Washington Wine Harvest Tours

June, 2019

What is wine harvest really like?

Will Thompson shares his perspective on wine harvest. A graduate of Walla Walla Community College’s highly acclaimed oenology and viticulture program and Whitman College grad, Will is coming up on his third harvest season.