The Complete Northwest Experience

The Complete Northwest Experience

Get to know the real Pacific Northwest with InquisiTours

The untamed beauty and diverse appeal of Washington State and the greater Pacific Northwest are often overlooked. Visitors flock instead to explore better-known hubs like Seattle, a city that has long been an exciting draw with its must-sees like Pike Place Market, one of the oldest farmers markets in the US, the Space Needle and of course the coffee shop and music scene. However, many of these travelers, often on their way to and from an Alaska cruise, rarely realize that the dynamic city is just one side of the story. Beyond the attractions of urban life lies a vast landscape of scenic vineyards, mountain towns, river valleys, coastal vistas, ancient forests, volcanoes and pioneer trails, not to mention a world-class wine and foodie scene.

If you yearn to wander off the beaten path, yet crave comfort and convenience, then consider joining a tailor- made deluxe tour from InquisiTours, based in Walla Walla.

Seeing this spectacular region through one of their custom-designed multi-night tour experiences is an ideal way to satisfy your wanderlust while letting someone else take the reins. You can be safe in the knowledge that every detail of your trip has been researched, organized and taken care of by an expert, professional team.

The varied itineraries at InquisiTours are perfect for anyone drawn to the natural beauty and attractions of the region. Maybe you’re interested in exploring wine country, want to hop aboard a Rail Tour, or perhaps you’re looking for more things to do in Seattle before or after an Alaska cruise, or simply seeking a new adventure!

You can explore Washington’s magnificent wine country by road and rail on carefully designed three, five, six and seven day tours setting out from Seattle, Portland, Oregon or Boise, Idaho. Some tours will see you boarding the Amtrak Empire Builder for a leg of the trip, journeying through quintessential US wilderness spots like the breathtaking volcanoes and waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge, the green beauty of Wenatchee National Forest and the stunning slopes of the Cascade Mountains.

The climate and fertile soil of Washington has made it the second-largest wine producing state in the country, and the charming Walla Walla valley specifically is home to over 100 wineries and thousands of acres of grapes. This where you can sip on signature big, bold red varietals and learn the ins and outs of wine production and explore the historic and artistic side of Walla Walla (Washington’s friendliest town).

Whether it’s the call of the wild or the wine (or maybe a little of the two?!), whatever you’re craving, there’ll be something within the collection of Washington tours, Oregon tours or Walla Walla tours to fit your criteria.

On the Tri-State Explorer Tour (six days), you kick off the experience enjoying the vibrant city life of Boise “The City of Trees.” Visit the Idaho State Museum or explore the Capital’s green belt trails. You’ll then tread in the footsteps of the early American Pioneers following the Snake River and over the Blue Mountains and down into the great Western town of Pendleton, OR and on to Washington wine country.

After a couple of days and nights among the tasting rooms and historic charms of Walla Walla, you’ll head to Portland. Here you can lose yourself in the buzz of an eclectic food scene, unique neighborhoods, museums, breweries and famous stores. InquisTours caters to those adding on this adventure to an Alaska cruise and will connect you back to the port in Seattle by scenic rail or bus so you can be sure to catch your ship.

Other multi-night tours starting in Seattle and Portland include a visit to the wild beauty of mountain Bavarian town, Leavenworth. Here you’ll wander scenic river trails and enjoy local wine tastings. As the tour continues, be inspired by the expansive vistas of the Columbia River Basin and its vast orchards and vineyards. Soak up the small town charm of places like Woodinville, a wine mecca just north of Seattle and sample world class Pinot Noir with lunch in the Wilamette Valley, Oregon. In Walla Walla you can learn about those who came before you at the Ft. Walla Walla Museum, from the Native Americans to the Pioneers and the Lewis and Clark expedition.

These custom-made travel experiences at InquisiTours are designed to achieve a delicate balance of group and individual activities, so you can relax and explore the different locations in your own time and come together for wine production tours, tastings and lunches, dinners or receptions depending on the specific details of your chosen tour.

You will always be fully escorted on the road and provided with excellent local knowledge, tips and historical facts and accounts. Accommodation is in deluxe hotels and includes breakfast. The tours are a wonderful way to see some incredible places with those you love and an opportunity to make new friends and connections.

What makes these deluxe tours so unique is the way they have been carefully designed to offer one-of-a-kind travel experiences for adventure seeking groups with a thirst for culture, history, the great outdoors and of course wine.

InquisiTours founders Guy and Robin Glaeser are not only passionate about the Pacific Northwest; the drive behind their family-run business extends to a desire to connect people and places the entire world over. They value the importance of personal interactions, knowing that great experiences are comprised of individual moments. The relationships they have built with farmers, winemakers and those in the local community all serve to elevate an ordinary travel experience into something exceptional you will remember forever.

Come and see for yourself why this region has been luring intrepid types for hundreds of years, from the pioneers to the present day. This is where the expansive power of nature rubs shoulders with genuine, local communities – a place with diverse charm. From the creative energy of the cities to the boutique wineries and towering mountains, it is a deeply beautiful part of the USA, a region that shows how wonderful the country still is.

Alaska may well be the last frontier, but the Pacific Northwest without a doubt still holds that dream of the wild American spirit, thriving natural beauty on the edge of the unknown.

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