Innovation, Wine and Washington

Innovation, Wine and Washington

Innovation in Washington State has taken on many forms, from airplanes to apples. It normally starts in the brain and finds its way to the fingertips. And sometimes a bottle. In a world before Kale Chips, really smart people have been making delicious treats from the bounty of this amazing state we live in. Washington’s wines routinely showcase this ingenuity by receiving more high (90+) scores than the other major US wine producers and even France. If this were Olympics the Evergreen State would lead the medal count.

New World vs. Old World

Here in America, we make “New World” wines. The Washington Wine Commission brags on our wines by saying they combine “the vibrant fruit character expected of American wine with the defined structure typical of the Old World.” Like a Korean taco or Lavender ice cream, old recipes are mixing with modern imaginations and skills to innovate…to our taste buds delight.

So when it comes to wine, find some time to find a bottle and think about the state it puts you in.

I encourage you to stay in the State of Washington but don’t worry you still find your way to an old chapel on the hillside looking over the Rhone Valley or that cobblestone walled city with the million dollar cellars. Winemakers are always respectful of the classics; we’re all standing on the shoulders of those that came before us.

Wine…yet another good reason to explore

We all know we’ve got bragging rights to pretty spectacular place to call home.

Diversity, it makes Seattle a hub of tech innovation and allows Washington to make spectacular wines. Not just the human diversity but also the geologic diversity. That’s right, Washington has crazy good dirt. We won’t go down the rabbit hole of 1200 ft walls of ice and how they create spectacular Riesling, yet. We may end up confusing the Missoula floods with some Game of Thrones subplot. However, if you are looking to for good reason to travel, wine country is so much more than tastings rooms. Just a few hours away by car, train or van a world of geologic wonders, relaxing small towns, great food and really interesting people await.

There are 26 regional wine organizations, 14 AVA’s (American Viticulture Area) and 12 months a year. Let’s go. Unyoke and Uncork it’s bound to be interesting and delicious.

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