Let the Farmer be Your Guide

Let the Farmer be Your Guide

Post by Inquisitours

Thinking back over the year we realize we’ve learned so much, especially when we let our guests’ interests drive our custom itineraries. It forces us to think outside the box, which has allowed us to come up with some really surprising adventures we normally wouldn’t have considered – some were enjoyed so much we’ve added them to our regular itineraries, like visiting the lovely Warren Family Orchards for a chat with the farmer and apple tasting.

Apples are a large part of the heritage and economy of Washington state, and a bit of an unsung hero. Typically, as we travel through orchard country, we do apple tastings aboard our tour bus, but this year we kicked it up a notch and found not only a genuine immersive experience for our guests, but a delightful tour guide with a unique story to tell.

We brought our tasting to Warren Family Orchards, where Bill Warren, a thoughtful third-generation farmer and expert horticulturalist, led us through a blind tasting of nine varietals, include some newly released ones, while educating us on agriculture and sharing the story of family and farm on his gorgeous orchard in the tiny farming community of Dayton, Washington overlooking the Blue Mountain foothills.

Tasting the apples just steps away from where they were grown was such a special experience, but it was the story of this family and orchard told by the farmer himself that will keep us coming back again and again.

By turning the farmer into the tour guide we were able to give our guests the most authentic experience of the region. We won’t tell you any more than that so we don’t spoil it for you!

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