All Aboard!

Join us on the Inaugural Walla Walla Wine Train from Seattle April 29 – May 2

InquisiTours signature product for the Summer of 2017 is the Walla Walla Wine Train. We offer guided group tours from Seattle or Portland along the Empire Builder train route. This tour is where the Oregon Trail meets Washington Wines.

Top Ten Reasons to Book the Inaugural Walla Walla Wine Train

  1. Lederhosen looks better with pale legs. In Leavenworth, there are 4 live music events and two dance parties within 174 yards from our hotel.
  2. Parents weekend is better with wine. College hunting for your kids? Soon to be empty nesters think the three Colleges in the Walla Walla Valley pair nicely with the 250 mile distance from Seattle and Portland. Close, but not too close.
  3. Since we can’t afford to buy our own island, how about having the town to yourself for a day? On weekdays, the town, wineries, galleries, museums and shops are all yours.
  4. What’s that smell? Oh, its asparagus! Local asparagus will be in full swing and showing up all over menus and markets in town.
  5. Your aspirations of becoming a social media star can come true! We will have a photographer shooting for our web site, and want you to help populate our online presence through reviews and photos. (#yipee)
  6. Nobody expects InquisiTours. Become a part of history. There is only one inaugural Walla Walla Wine Train.
  7. Invest wisely. Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.
  8. Make new friends. Walla Walla is filled with friendly people. In fact, it was voted one of the friendliest towns in America.
  9. Traveling makes you happy! New experiences give us moments to remember and you a more interesting person. Priceless!
  10. It is going to be a lot of fun!