InquisiTours bundles charming small towns, regional wine tastings, stunning scenic views, including train packages, and top-notch service for a full-bodied Northwest Experience.

WALLA WALLA, WA (February , 2019) - Walla Walla has long been known as friendly town nestled in the heart of Washington’s wine country, but getting there can be a challenge. Good news? The Northwest Wine, Rail & Tours by InquisiTours, offering Inclusive Train Packages created by industry veteran Guy Glaeser and his wife and business partner Robin Glaeser just made visiting the region a lot simpler. After all, travelers shouldn't have to follow in the footsteps of pioneers on the Oregon Trail, following wagon ruts for 2,000 miles. Now it's as easy as booking an expertly curated tour and hopping on a deluxe train.

Based in Walla Walla, InquisiTours offers two-to-six-night escorted Inclusive Train Packages that depart either from Portland, OR, or Seattle, WA. These Inclusive Packages showcase the best of eastern Washington including the towns of Leavenworth and Walla Walla, stunning landscapes and scenic views, local culture and heritage, and tastings of the region’s highly rated wine varietals. Best of all, InquisiTours’ guests are accompanied by their own highly experienced tour director who will offer interesting destination facts and offer local perspective, plus assist guests with customized travel needs.
“We know that couples and small groups enjoy wine tasting and we’ve found a perfect balance by combining visits to Washington vineyards, wineries and wine bars with the eco-beauty and historical highlights of eastern Washington,” said Glaeser, co-owner, InquisiTours, who stressed that his goal is to help guests personalize their experience and make the most of their time in the region.

“When we get to Leavenworth and Walla Walla, we want our guests to find their favorite tasting room, walking trails or have time to stroll the charming downtown.” Tips, ideas and good recommendations are happily provided, Glaeser emphasized.
A travel industry veteran, Glaeser has two decades of professional cruise and tour operations experience. He's personally escorted hundreds of large groups – many from major cruise lines including Princess Cruises -- on multi-week tours throughout Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and Costa Rica. Glaeser designed the new InquisiTours itineraries as both a stand-alone vacation product and a pre- or post-cruise add-on for those taking an Alaska cruise from Seattle.
“With the eastern Washington region’s Lewis & Clark and Pioneer Gold Rush connections and the grand vistas of the Columbia River, it’s not surprising that many of the stories told by Alaska’s pioneers actually started in Walla Walla,” emphasized Glaeser, a lifelong resident of the region. “Our tours are designed to help guests complete their Northwest and Alaska experience.”

For example, here’s a look at InquisiTours’ new “Four-night Northwest Wine and Rail Tour.” Guests start this inclusive train package by boarding Amtrak’s Empire Builder for a scenic journey from Seattle along the Puget Sound to the Cascade Mountains and Leavenworth. “Train enthusiasts and vacationers alike will likely ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at the water views, multiple mountain ranges and a trip through America’s longest rail tunnel, the Cascade Tunnel,” said Glaeser. “During the summer months, the National Parks Service Rails and Trails program further enhances the trip with onboard representatives providing narration and answering questions throughout the journey.”

Then InquisiTours’ guests disembark the train in Leavenworth, where they enjoy a two-night deluxe hotel stay in this Bavarian themed mountain town. Their tour director will help them choose from a wide range of fun activities including paddle boarding, zip line adventures or a stroll through the famous Nutcracker Museum. A bonus? “We’ve arranged for guests to visit a local beer garden so our guests can sample local craft beers and homemade bratwurst," said Glaeser.
Next, the inclusive package continues via deluxe motorcoach along the mighty Columbia River through Hanford Reach National Monument, the Columbia’s last remaining stretch of wild river, into the heart of Washington Wine Country. The effects of the ice age Missoula Flood on the land combined with the mighty Columbia reveal a vast landscape that surprises even lifelong North Westerners.

While visiting many of the Columbia Valley’s unique AVAs (American Viticulture Areas), Red Mountain, the Walla Walla Valley and Yakima Valley, guests can sample world-class wines. InquisiTours guests will spend two nights in Walla Walla, where guests can soak up the history, culture and character that made Walla Walla the center of early Washington statehood.
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