National Park Service Partnering to Connect People with Places

A Walla Walla Wine Train Bonus! (Seattle train only) During the summer months, the National Parks Service Rails and Trails program further enhances the trip with onboard representatives providing narration and answering questions throughout the journey. 

At InquisiTours we LOVE our National Parks! Summer guests on the Seattle-Walla Walla Wine Train will enjoy a special experience.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, railroads played an active role in developing America's national parks. The Trails & Rails program is a partnership between Amtrak and the National Park Service that educates travelers on the heritage and natural resources of a specific region while traveling by rail.

Railroads played an important part in both the development of historical Seattle and the Klondike Gold Rush. As the Pacific terminus for three intercontinental railroads, both Stampeders and the supplies they would need to have flowed into Seattle onboard trains. The Klondike Gold Rush Seattle National Park ( sponsors this summer Empire Builder experience. While enjoying the Puget Sound vistas and Mountain scenery from Seattle to Leavenworth on-board representatives will provide narration and be available to answer questions.

We feel fortunate that this great train ride is available to us. Thank you, National Parks and Amtrak!

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