Our Top 4 Reasons to Visit Slovenia and Croatia in 2019

Here's 4 reasons why we love this truly unique region and why you won't want to miss exploring its beauty on our 2019 Slovenia & Croatia tour.

Why did we choose Slovenia and Croatia for our 2019 international tour destination? We couldn’t think of why not! Here are five ways we fell in love with the region.

1. Old World Charm. From their rich, long-standing and varied history to their cobblestone streets and architecture, we've always been charmed by Old World cities and Slovenia and Croatia are full of them. As just one example, Ljubljana, Slovenia’s largest and capital city saw its first settlers in 2000 BC. Around 50 BC the Romans built a military encampment on the site, which later became a permanent settlement that continued to grow throughout the Middle Ages and modern times as a regional center for arts and culture. These old influences are still so alive as the city continues into modern-day.

2. Green Travel. Slovenia is the first country in the world to be designated a Green Destination. Our Slovenia home-base is Ljubljana, which was designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011 and named European Green City in 2016. With its focus on pedestrian and bicycle travel, it’s a great way to explore a new city. Home to 161 bird species, 86 of which are endangered, by 2020, Ljubljana plans to reduce CO2 emissions by 30 percent and it is the first capital of a European Union country to have announced a zero-waste plan.

3. Accessibility to stunning countryside and nature. Old World wine country, the Alps, mountain lakes and stunning underground caves (we’ll tour by miniature electric train!) are just some of the things we’ll explore in enchanting the Slovenian countryside. In Croatia we’ll tour a national park, view waterfalls, cliffsides, epic beaches and enchanting islands.

4. Touring the Mediterranean and its seaside villages on a luxury yacht. Right next door to Slovenia is Croatia, with sweet seaside villages, a beautiful coast and also their ancient history, along with the sunny, breezy Mediterranean climate. As you know, we love mixing up our touring vessels to create multi-modal trips. Having the ability to island hop on a yacht while still being able to walk off the ship for coastal city tours, ancient ruins, stunning swimming holes and an abundance of natural beauty, plus fresh Mediterranean food... the perfect combination!

You can’t spell SLOVEnia without “LOVE” and these are just some of the reasons we love this special part of the world.

Join us in 2019 and discover how you’ll fall in love with Slovenia and Croatia.

More fun facts about Slovenia:
• Slovenia is tucked between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea and borders four other countries – Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.
• In addition to Slovenian, most people in Slovenia speak English.
• As part of the European Union, Slovenia’s currency is the Euro.
• Its population of about 2 million is spread over about 7,800 square miles of the mostly mountainous region with a primarily continental climate.

Visit their tourism info site for more.

More fun facts about Croatia:
• Croatia has a long coastline along the Mediterranean Adriatic Sea with 1,244 islands, islets, stacks and reefs dotting its coast.
• The country borders Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzigovina.
• With nearly 4.3 million people, Croatia has an area of 21,851 square miles, including two distinct wine producing regions.
• Its current currency is the Kuna HRK, with hopes to join the Euro in 2019. 1 Croatian Kun = $0.16 US dollar (as of July, 2018). Most establishments and ATMs accept credit cards.
• Croates first arrived in the area in the sixth century.

Visit their tourism info site for more.