Climate Initiative

InquisiTours Climate Initiative

Our Self-Imposed Carbon Tax

At InquisiTours, we believe that travel is a powerful way to better understand and contribute to the world we live in, but transportation emits damaging carbon into the atmosphere, contributing to the climate crisis.

What can we do?

Staying home isn’t the answer. It’s possible to mitigate this environmental toll by supporting climate-smart initiatives and programs. InquisiTours will donate to a portfolio of carefully selected nonprofits that fight climate change through government advocacy and on-the-ground work. Our goal: to pay our fair share of the environmental cost that our travelers incur, and to do so in a way that empowers our community.

Our Climate Smart Portfolio

We’re happy to present our portfolio of our Climate Initiative recipients. By supporting these nonprofit organizations with a “self-imposed carbon tax”, our goal is to help make our business climate smart by investing in groups that fight climate change through on-the-ground work and government advocacy in the US.

Organizations InquisiTours has chosen to support in 2024

While there are many great organizations doing effective work to fight climate change, we have chosen the 3 organizations below. It was important for us to choose organizations working in our local area where the majority of our tours take place as well as national organizations doing amazing work. The short summaries below provide more information about each organization. We’ve included links to their websites so that independent travelers inspired by our initiative can contribute individually. Experts say that a donation of even $20 mitigates the carbon produced by one round-trip flight. Each year, we review and reassess our recipient list. We welcome suggestions of organizations that fit our parameters.

Blue Mountain Land Trusts’s mission is to protect the scenic, natural, and working lands that characterize the Blue Mountains region through collaboration with communities and landowners. They provide conservation services to landowners across ten counties: Walla Walla, Columbia, Garfield and Asotin counties in Washington, and Baker, Grant, Wheeler, Gilliam, Morrow, Umatilla and Union counties in Oregon. Since its founding, the land trust has acquired 15 conservation easements totaling almost 13,300 acres.

Oregon Wild works to protect and restore Oregon’s wildlands, wildlife, and waters as an enduring legacy for future generations. Across five decades they have successfully fought to protect nearly two million acres of Wilderness, over 2,000 miles of Wild & Scenic Rivers, countless endangered wildlife such as gray wolves, vast stretches of old growth forests, and essential ecosystems all across the state.

The Solutions Projects’ mission is to accelerate the transition to 100% clean, renewable energy for 100% of people. “Bold. Inclusive. Resourceful. Equitable. Joyful. These key words represent our core values. And our values guide all of our actions. From powering and empowering our movement partners working toward clean energy and environmental justice. To paving the ways in which we support and work with all of our stakeholders.”