Community Giving Initiative

A Note from Robin of InquisiTours

At InquisiTours, we consider ourselves traveling teachers. We provide space for personal exploration and empowerment and build entertaining and educational travel experiences throughout the Pacific Northwest and worldwide.

Living, traveling, and working in these fantastic communities allows us to serve. We hope to improve our fellow neighbors’ and travelers’ lives, so we strive to assist the communities that mean so much to us. That means targeting initiatives and organizations that strengthen both our personal and ecological communities.

Our Community Giving Initiative, and the organizations involved, will have both complex and straightforward goals. It aims to support organizations that feed the same communities where we travel and will focus on funding projects that include providing leadership and educational opportunities to promote equality. It will help develop leaders across the country who are building a regenerative economy for all people. They will include environmental education, protecting biodiverse lands through conservation.

We like to think of it as creating a diversified mutual fund of climate and community-smart projects where the primary investment is in people. This won’t be simple or easy — but the challengers we eagerly confront aren’t simple, either.

We can promise that every project in our portfolio is chosen to pay back our debt to the earth and strengthen the communities involved. And we will be transparent with you about them all.


Climate Initiative header

Climate Initiative

Travel is a powerful way to better understand and contribute to the world we live in, but every flight emits damaging carbon into the atmosphere, contributing to the climate crisis. Learn more about how we are taking steps to mitigate our carbon footprint.
Feeding Communities

Feeding Communities

The rural and farming communities we visit are the ones working hardest to feed us, yet hunger pains can be the sharpest. We believe that equitable access to nutritious food is the impetus for achieving stability. Read more about how we are funding efforts to address the unique challenges living remotely presents.