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Summer in the Northwest welcomes some of life’s biggest joys; think sun-stroked days followed by deliciously crisp evenings. Mother Nature’s peaks and waterways show off in their summertime glory, while city scenes bustle with outdoor concerts and patios packed with happy revelers. Of course, we anxiously await many of the season’s tried-and-true traditions, yet we’re also excited to experience the region in fresh, new ways. For example, try soaring high above Washington in a hot air balloon or whooshing down a Whistler track on an Olympics-worthy bobsled. Strap on your seat belts – and in several cases, helmets – with these exhilarating ways of sampling the region’s best of the best.


Oregon Trail Meets Washington Wines : Group touring offers this traveler a new approach to adventure Typically not a group traveler, I was intrigued by this concept, and felt it might be a great way to gain a deeper understanding of my new home state. Right after booking the four-night trip, I could already see I was going to enjoy the guided experience. When planning a vacation, my Type A modus operandi is to do extensive research on everything from the perfect place to stay to the best brunch. But that was all done for me, which felt liberating—my only job on this vacation was to enjoy it.


We wanted to see what happened when we took two cities in the Pacific Northwest connected by Alaska Airlines flights and pursued a common theme across both. Could we comfortably pull off a wine tasting, trail running weekend? In this, the first of a series of City Pairs, we chose two notable wine regions and tasted our way through a three-day, two-state vineyard voyage. Mornings were paired with trails and seclusion. Afternoons were wine and food. The trip was out of the ordinary but in my top five.


Take to the rails and roads of Eastern Washington for your next corporate retreat. Inquisitours recently launched their lineup of tours exploring the oft-forgotten, but no less stunning, dry side of the Cascades. Group attendees will bond over the sights, smells and the tastes of the Columbia River Valley. Tours leave from and return to Seattle, making them a perfect addition to a pre-scheduled conference.


Hop aboard a train for a one-of-a-kind experience while traveling through a land of historically beckoned pioneers, gold miners, and magnificent wines. InquisiTours, based in Walla Walla, offers tour experiences tailor-made for adventure-seeking groups that enjoy train travel. InquisiTours offers inclusive multi-night trips departing from Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, with a leg of the journey aboard Amtrak’s Empire Builder. Points in between utilizing a van, motorcoach, or plane, depending on the route. Trips showcase the landscape of eastern Washington and its wines with the Cascade Mountains as the backdrop. Groups are provided with a Pacific Northwest experience that can be a part of a West Coast adventure, or pre-or-post-tour options for groups on Alaskan cruises.