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I had the chance to travel with Guy on a dream trip through Alaska. And while the trip was chock full of once in a lifetime experiences (Glacier landing! Bear sightings! Northern lights!), having Guy as our tour leader just took it off the charts. From the time we landed my husband and I didn't have to give a single thought to details of the trip.

Dana Machanan
Food and Travel Writer contributor
Food Network
Washington Post
Chicago Tribune.

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What sticks out most to me about traveling with Guy is how fun and joyfully silly yet astonishingly informative he makes traveling. Between the smiles and laughter, jokes, funny stories and witty observations about the local environment and culture, Guy weaves in the type of interesting, insider knowledge and fascinating historical background that make traveling with a top-tier guide so worthwhile. 

Kitt Doucette
Writer, Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, Matador Network

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Early in my career as a professional traveler I was fortunate enough to spend several days in Alaska with Guy Glaeser as my tour guide.

Rick Griffin
Co-Host and Producer at Mid-Life Road Trip

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I worked with Robin for several years and was always impressed by her support and customer service. She is smart, is organized and has excellent management skills.

Alexandra Cebulsky
Senior Legal Council, Dusseldorf, Germany

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I worked with Robin for around 9 years. Her level of customer service and relationship management were truly exemplary.

Darren Short
Vice President GoDaddy Learning, Scottsdale, AZ

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Having known and worked with Robin for over 14 years, I can make a strong recommendation for her integrity and quality of work.

Gail Anderson
Manager Leadership Development, Seattle, WA

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What a wonderful extended weekend on the Walla Walla Wine Train - relaxing, beautiful views, wonderful food and wine. The tour was professional, fun, and informative. We can't wait for the next one! Thank you!

Janet Wilson
Seattle, WA

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Robin excels in anything she is involved in and she always sets the bar high. On top of her professionalism, she is a great person by heart. Even if you interact with her for the first time you will not realize that you don’t know her.

Neeraj K Goel
Portfolio and Delivery Lead Accenture, Toronto Canada

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Robin works tirelessly to deliver quality to her clients. She is organized and prepared and finds solutions to complex issues.

Shawn Martinez
CPLP, PMP, Denver, CO

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Do you know what I love most about InquisTours? These guys have HEART!

Jeff and Kristen
Portland, OR

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We had a great time on the tour. The train ride was gorgeous! The hotels were charming. I loved that both hotels were in the heart of town, walking distance from so many interesting spots. The breakfast buffets at each hotel were good and so convenient!

Judy and John
Portland, OR

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Beyond the train ride through the Cascade Mountains and traveling through the high desert of Central and Western Washington to Walla Walla, there was an array of wonderful wines and some fine dining on a tour created by Guy and Robin Glaeser.

Linda Leonard
Seattle, WA

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Complete your Northwest Experience

The untamed beauty and diverse appeal of Washington State and the greater Pacific Northwest are often overlooked. Visitors flock instead to explore better-known hubs like Seattle, a city that has long been an exciting draw with its must-sees like Pike Place Market, one of the oldest farmers markets in the US, the Space Needle and of course the coffee shop and music scene. However, many of these travelers, often on their way to and from an Alaska cruise, rarely realize that the dynamic city is just one side of the story. Beyond the attractions of urban life lies a vast landscape of scenic vineyards, mountain towns, river valleys, coastal vistas, ancient forests, volcanoes and pioneer trails, not to mention a world-class wine and foodie scene.

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The perfect compliment to an Alaska Tour

InquisiTours - The perfect compliment to an Alaska Cruise from Seattle

If you’ve booked yourself on an Alaska Cruise and your itinerary includes a day trip to Seattle, you’ll probably find on your excursion to the Emerald city that one day is not nearly enough! Home of the Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, and the Puget Sound. Famously framed by the scenic backdrop of Mt. Rainier and the snow-dusted Cascade Mountains, Seattle is alive with culture, history, cuisine, and nature. To be experienced to its fullest, just like fine wine, Seattle and Washington state are most enjoyable when savored.

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Visit Washington State like a local!

Pike Place Market, the Seattle Space Needle, and Chihuly Gardens: It seems like all of the fun things to in Washington State are all located in Seattle, but that couldn’t be further than the truth!

In fact, Washington State is a paradox that’s waiting to be opened: on one side, there are the bustling streets of big cities, while on the other are gorgeous turquoise lakes sprinkled with green firs… and everything in between. If you’re planning a trip to Washington state (or even looking for things to do in Seattle before an Alaska cruise), don’t miss seeing the real Washington - and we’re here to show you how!

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What’s Wine Harvest Really Like? Q&A with an industry insider

From fruit flies to fermentation, a wine industry insider shares with us what wine grape harvest looks like from the inside.

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Touring Washington’s AVAs and Wineries

Take a virtual tour of the Washington AVAs we travel through before seeing (and of course tasting) them up-close-and-personal on one of our tours. But first, what is an AVA?

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Lovely Leavenworth

Leavenworth is a little mountain hamlet in the heart of the Northern Cascades of Washington with a long history of perseverance and reinvention. Now-a-days it’s an unexpected fun-filled Bavarian-themed wonderland, but it didn’t start out that way.

Learn about the town's unique history along with suggestions of what to do when you visit.

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Comparing Two Northwest Wine Regions

Comparing two northwest wine regions | written by Kevin Max | presented by Alaska Airlines

We wanted to see what happened when we took two cities in the Pacific Northwest connected by Alaska Airlines flights and pursued a common theme across both. Could we comfortably pull off a wine tasting, trail running weekend? In this, the first of a series of City Pairs, we chose two notable wine regions and tasted our way through a three-day, two-state vineyard voyage. Mornings were paired with trails and seclusion. Afternoons were wine and food. The trip was out of the ordinary but in my top five.

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OnTrak Winter 2018

Oregon Trail Meets Washington Wines : Group touring offers this traveler a new approach to adventure

Typically not a group traveler, I was intrigued by this concept, and felt it might be a great way to gain a deeper understanding of my new home state. Right after booking the four-night trip, I could already see I was going to enjoy the guided experience. When planning a vacation, my Type A modus operandi is to do extensive research on everything from the perfect place to stay to the best brunch. But that was all done for me, which felt liberating—my only job on this vacation was to enjoy it.

Read the full article here

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Meeting News Northwest

Take to the rails and roads of Eastern Washington for your next corporate retreat. Inquisitours recently launched their lineup of tours exploring the oft-forgotten, but no less stunning, dry side of the Cascades. Group attendees will bond over the sights, smells and the tastes of the Columbia River Valley. Tours leave from and return to Seattle, making them a perfect addition to a pre-scheduled conference.

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Innovation and Washington State

Innovation, Wine and the State we live in.

Innovation in Washington State has taken on many forms, from airplanes to apples. It normally starts in the brain and finds its way to the fingertips. And sometimes a bottle. In a world before Kale Chips, really smart people have been making delicious treats from the bounty of this amazing state we live in. Washington's wines routinely showcase this ingenuity by receiving more high (90+) scores than the other major US wine producers and even France. If this were Olympics the Evergreen State would lead the medal count.

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Group Tour Western Edition, October 2017

Wine and trains pair for scenic experiences with InquisiTours

Hop aboard a train for a one-of-a-kind experience while traveling through a land of historically beckoned pioneers, gold miners, and magnificent wines. InquisiTours, based in Walla Walla, offers tour experiences tailor-made for adventure-seeking groups that enjoy train travel.

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More Interesting Things About Walla Walla

We are often asked "Hey Robin and Guy, why would I want to travel to the remote part of South East Washington to visit Walla Walla?"

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PORTLAND! Top Ten Reasons to Book the Inaugural Walla Walla Wine Train

Just in case you need any more reasons to book the inaugural Walla Walla Wine Train with us, we have put together a list of "The Top Ten Reasons to Book the Inaugural Portland Walla Walla Wine Train."

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InquisiTours bundles charming small towns, regional wine tastings, stunning scenic views, including train packages, and top-notch service for a full-bodied Northwest Experience.

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Ladies Getaway

Our guests are amazing!

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Confessions of a Pre (and Post) Cruiser

I must confess, I am a Cruiser, but I’m a Pre-Cruiser too…and sometimes a Post Cruiser. I think that must mean I am a traveler.

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Main Street Walla Walla: Featuring Guy!

Our very own Founder Guy Glaeser joins other locals in describing what they find special about Walla Walla's Main Street and the community.

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