Reignite your Wanderlust from the Safety of a Travel Pod

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a chaotic and challenging year globally. The pandemic has brought unprecedented change, anxiety and plenty of travel restrictions. Those of us who love adventure, the great outdoors and new group experiences have had to hit the pause button on our wanderlust for a while. However, the good news is where there’s a will there’s a way, or more accurately, where there’s a travel pod, there’s the opportunity for safe and enjoyable travel…

With InquisTours you can once again experience the freedom of travel all from within the safety of your very own travel pod. With enhanced health and safety measures in place, you have the opportunity to choose your own adventure with your group and explore the wild beauty, fresh air and vast open spaces of the Pacific Northwest and Washington State. 

After the long and numerous months of being indoors and away from others, a travel pod gives you the chance to reconnect with yourself, with like-minded travelers, and with the natural beauty of our planet. We offer fully escorted, multi-day private, custom and small group tours with a variety of itineraries and the ability to create your very own tour according to your specific interest. 

Leave the chaos and crowds of urban life far behind as you journey through an expansive and incredibly diverse landscape of forests, mountain ranges, river valleys, and charming small towns.

Discover the natural wonders that lie beyond the big cities in this part of the world. Travel through the wilderness of the Cascade Mountains, stopping off in the authentic cowboy town of Winthrop and then on to Walla Walla, through the orchards and vineyards of Washington wine country where the ever-changing landscape and fertile soil offers up some of the country (and the world’s) finest vintages. 

Whatever tour you choose or want to customize, we want you to feel inspired by the magnificent, rugged beauty of Washington and the Pacific Northwest and experience it with peace of mind and a sense of safety. You can rest assured that your health, comfort and convenience will always be prioritized, while still allowing for the full enjoyment of every captivating detail of your trip. 

Just think of your travel pod as a safe and united front of curious travelers looking for their next adventure in the great wide open.

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