Tips for Packing

InquisiTours' Tips for Packing

When it comes to packing, minimalism is key! As long as you have your essentials, the experience is more important than lots of luggage weighing you down.

1. Take the Carry-On Only Challenge!

Taking a carry-on vs checking a bag has lots of benefits:

  • Avoid the hassle of lost or delayed luggage.
  • If your travel plans are interrupted, you have everything you need with you.
  • The simplicity of having only a carry-on grants peace of mind.
  • Avoid baggage claim altogether when you arrive at your destination.
  • Note: European carriers have different sizing regulations for carry-ons than those in the USA. Check with your airline for specifics.

2. Consider curating a capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a small number of quality items that all go together so that multiple outfits can be created using the same pieces. Here are a few examples for mixing and matching.

3. Shoes

If you are bringing just a carry-on, one nice pair for evening and one pair for walking are all the shoes you need. Make sure your walking shoes have been broken in and are comfortable and sturdy, and you don’t mind if they get wet or dirty.

4. Wear bulky items on plane.

It tends to get cooler on the plane, so wear jackets or bulky items to save room in your luggage. We are big fans of puffy jackets which can also make a nice pillow in a pinch. Same principle goes with shoes – leave the smaller shoes or sandals in the luggage, wear the sneakers!

5. Wear layers.

  • Wearing light layers that can be stowed in your bag or tied around your waist or is a good idea so that you can remain comfortable wherever you are.
  • Layers can also be utilized to transition from day touring to evening dinner easily. For example, a tunic or longer dress can be worn over jeans or leggings with comfortable walking shoes for daytime then later you can remove the leggings and replace the sneakers with sandals for dinner. A scarf goes a long way to dress up or add color to an outfit, or to double as a wrap.

6. Can I wear jeans?

Yes! A dark wash or black jeans transition easily from day to evening.

7. Do men need a sport coat?

We recommend bringing a sport coat, or an unstructured blazer, in the event you choose a Michelin star restaurant or finer dining establishment. Wear it on the plane to avoid rumpling or taking up space in your luggage.

8. Accessories

Bring accessories that are small and easy to store. For example, scarves and necklaces are functional as well as fashionable and can change the look of a single outfit.

9. How to Pack

  • Take some advice from Marie Kondo on how to pack your items for maximum space.
  • While packing, visualize your trip and think about all the fun things you will get to do!
  • Don’t bring anything “just in case.” More often than not, these items won’t be used on your trip and everything you could need is available for purchase at your destination.
  • Consider using vacuum packing space saver bags for your clothing.
  • Only pack your luggage 85% full. Save room for souvenirs. Also, repacking to return home always seems to take up more space somehow.
  • Pack a smaller bag, such as a canvas duffel or backpack, in your carry on so that if you end up with too many souvenirs, you can always carry that bag on and check your main bag for the return flight.



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Tips for Packing

When it comes to packing, minimalism is key! As long as you have your essentials, the experience is more important than lots of luggage weighing you down.

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