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Choose Your Own Adventure off the Beaten Path...

We’ve often thought that the core essence of travel is not necessarily about a fixed destination but rather the experience of something new, something inspiring, something that sparks your curiosity and returns you to a state of wonder. It’s about how you see things and how that perspective enhances your life in that moment and beyond.

For that reason we create itineraries and multi-day private tours that offer a scope of different experiences to our guests, showing them the often underestimated diverse beauty of Washington State that lies beyond the draw of Seattle. While of course the city has its own unique appeal, there is so much more to see in this part of North America, it is truly one of the most sublime, beautiful and naturally dramatic regions in the entire country.

You can select your own adventure with one of our existing itineraries such as the Natural Wonders of Washington State, our Wine Discovery Tour, or by requesting to create your own customized trip. Your tour can be more intrepid and outdoors oriented or tailored toward wine tastings, food pairings, local art, culture and history. If you fancy a little of it all, we’re flexible.

The Northwest Lifestyle tour will give you the chance to hike the accessible trails of The North Cascades and Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest as well as enjoying the lively craft brew mecca of Bellingham. On our Walla Walla tours, you can explore the surrounding wine country and scenic landscapes of orchards and vineyards as well as touring the tasting rooms and art galleries of this charming town.

Want to see misty, temperate rainforests and majestic glaciers in one place? Washington’s North Cascades National Park will not disappoint. Kayak off Lummi Island in the Salish Sea, hike the forested and breathtaking Columbia River Gorge, take in the moody oceanic vistas of the Pacific and its picturesque islands, and follow in the steps of the pioneers as you explore ancient trails and soak up centuries of the native, natural history of this land.

If crushing grapes during harvest and blending your own wine appeals, no problem! Perhaps you’d like to sample apples with the farmers who grow them, or meet local artists at a private showing, or learn about cheese making and cultivating hops? We can make it happen. We know the locals, we’ll take care of the details and make sure your experience is just as special as you dreamed of.

We continue to be inspired by the spirit of adventure and always aim to create that sense of wonder so integral to a memorable trip, keeping a good balance of structure and independence for our guests and always maintaining the highest standards of safety, convenience and comfort.



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