Safe Travel with Passion and Purpose

It’s nice to look for potential positives in what’s been a year of intense change for many, and in 2020 one of those positives has undoubtedly been a re-evaluation of what’s truly important.

While we were forced to stay home, many people became more aware of the importance of personal wellness, purposeful connections, community and sustainability. For those who have emerged from this time with a desire to engage more deeply with local communities and experience the simple pleasures of life in an intentional, meaningful way, our “travel pods”, or also known as “travel bubbles” can fulfil that need and offer a wonderful safe, and flexible experience for you and your group!

With your travel bubble, you’ll wander off the beaten track and into the rugged heart of Washington State, on your own private tour, where you have the chance to explore local communities, and rediscover that sense of passion, purpose and connection to your environment.

InquisiTours has always been rooted in a desire to connect people and places, we cherish real relationships and meaningful interactions and have grown our business on those values.

We can offer these kinds of immersive experiences to you when you travel with your small group on one of our multi-day itineraries through Washington State.

We’ll make sure you get to meet and engage with the local experts, those who are most passionate and connected to their stories, their land and their legacy. Through intimate gatherings, you’ll understand the magic behind the scenes, the people behind the product. The voices that contribute to what makes each small community so beautifully distinct, whether it’s listening to third generation farmers of the family orchards of Dayton, or meeting the local winemakers, artists, chefs and farmers of Chelan, Yakima and Walla Walla.

This kind of intentional, thoughtful travel experience is the perfect antidote to the year of turmoil we’ve had. Find presence and connection, laughter and positivity. Reconnect to what truly matters and feel liberated to travel again, knowing you’re doing so from the safety of your healthy bubble

Our custom group tours are the perfect opportunity to slow down, share unforgettable experiences with friends, forge new connections, sample delicious wine and culinary delights and be blown away by the sheer diversity of nature’s beauty in this region of North America!



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