Flexibility, Independence, Insider Perspective, and Value

Our Walla Walla Deluxe Package is ideal for those seeking the freedom to design their days while also enjoying the convenience and luxury of knowing the big details are taken care of. Your three or four-night trip includes a handpicked, deluxe and centrally located hotel, gift cards for local restaurants and two days of wine touring with a custom-made consultation, visits and tastings.

The package is designed for two people, or multiple groups of friends in your travel pod. You can arrive on your schedule, explore the charm of downtown Walla Walla and the surrounding countryside on your own terms, while still benefiting from our local insight, wisdom and years of experience creating fun and informative tours in the region.

Our aim is to create a travel experience where you forget about schedules, can follow any spontaneous impulse that arises and combine that freedom with the kind of local knowledge and insider details that will make your trip truly stand apart.

Two of your days can be spent touring the wineries and tasting rooms in and around Walla Walla with a private driver/guide, who will impart local knowledge and make sure you get a real taste of the nation’s finest vintage reds, whites and roses, as well as connecting with the friendly community of winemakers and family members who carry on this tradition.

If you love having the independence of your own structure and pace, yet can’t resist the appeal of fascinating insider details and getting to glimpse the real heart of a place like a local, this package is for you!

*Article sponsored by the Port of Walla Walla



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